Skilled Defense After Repeat DWI Arrests

If you have been charged with a 2nd offense DWI or subsequent offenses, you face serious penalties that can range from a longer suspension of your driver’s license to mandatory prison time. It is important you hire an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and minimize the consequences you face.

Attorney Kenneth N. Lipstein has more than 30 years of experience. As a former prosecutor, he understands both sides of a repeat DWI arrest, and knows what defenses are available to challenge the evidence against you.

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Repeat DWI Penalties and Defenses

The penalties for a repeat DWI arrest depend on the number of prior drunk driving arrests, the amount of alcohol in the system if a 1st offense, and the specific circumstances of the case. For example, a typical 3rd offense DWI may result in a $1000 fine and 10 year revocation of your driver’s license. However, if you were drinking and driving in a school zone, the penalties increase.

We aggressively defend you at every stage of your case to mitigate these penalties:

  • We review police documentation to identify violations of rights and procedural errors.
  • We challenge questionable evidence, including field sobriety test results.
  • We understand the Alcotest, and know if it was administered improperly.
  • We question the justification for the stop.
  • We make the police and prosecution prove every element of their case against you.

Do not settle for a less experienced lawyer who may not know the many specifics of a repeat DWI arrest defense. At the law office of Kenneth N. Lipstein, we have experience successfully handling multiple DWI cases, and we will use our knowledge and skill to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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