Challenging Evidence of a DWI

If you were stopped on suspicion of drinking and driving, you may have been arrested based on the results of field sobriety testing. While commonly used to test the level of impairment, the validity of the results may be challenged.

Alcotest results, New Jersey’s replacement for the Breathalyzer, can also be challenged by identifying procedural and testing errors.

Kenneth N. Lipstein has handled DWI cases, first as a prosecutor and then as a defense attorney. His understanding of breathalyzer and field sobriety tests from both sides of the case helps us build a thorough and aggressive defense on our clients’ behalf. Contact us today to speak with him in a free initial consultation.

We Know How to Effectively Defend You

Walk in a straight line. Stand on one leg. Recite the alphabet backwards. We have all heard of field sobriety tests. The problem is that prosecutors place too much emphasis on the “proof” these tests offer toward drinking and driving. Field sobriety test results are influenced by a variety of factors, including medications, sleepiness, nervousness, health issues and poor lighting. They may not be strong enough to stand alone as evidence of drunk driving.

At the law office of Kenneth N. Lipstein, in Westfield, New Jersey, we thoroughly review every case to determine whether field sobriety tests can be challenged. We look at medical records, video of the traffic stop, police reports and other documents that may give reason for doubt.

We give the same amount of attention to breath test defense. Attorney Lipstein has attended a number of seminars on the Alcotest, and has received his training certification on the Alcotest’s analytical system, components and peripherals. He is also trained in how to operate the instrument and perform a New Jersey specific breath test sequence. We know when the results can be successfully challenged in court. We also attempt to minimize penalties for refusal of a breath test.

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