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If you are facing a court case in a New Jersey municipal court, you need an experienced attorney who is familiar with the local court system and legal processes associated with it. At the law office of Kenneth N. Lipstein in Westfield, NJ, we represent clients in municipal court in a variety of cases. We bring a thorough, detail-oriented approach to the cases of our clients, and always maintain our focus on what is best for them.

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Handling All Your Municipal Court Matters

Municipal courts have unique customs and procedures that require familiarity with municipal court practice. At the law office of Kenneth N. Lipstein, we have extensive experience in municipal court trials and negotiating plea agreements where appropriate. We handle all of your legal matters relating to municipal court, including the following:

In the State of New Jersey each conviction against you can lead to an accumulation of points on your driver’s license. An accumulation of 12 points will result in a suspension of your license that will severely limit your freedom and ease of movement. To protect your legal record and rights, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney familiar with municipal court.