N.J.S.A Type of Penalty Penalty Amount
Court Imposed Penalties
39:4-50(a)(i) Fine $250-400 (.08 -.09%)
39:4-50(a) Fine $300-500 (.10 % -+)
39:4-50(i) Surcharge $100
39:4-50.8 Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund Surcharge $100
22A:3-4 Court Costs $0-33
2C:43-3.1 Victims of Crime Compensation Board penalty $50
2C:43-3.2 Safe Neighborhood Services Funds surcharge $75
39:5-39 Physicians fee $0-20
39:5-41 Various assessments $6
39:4-50(a) Intoxicated Driver Resource Center 12-48 hours
39:4-50(a) Imprisonment 0-30 days
39:4-50(a)(i) Driving privilege forfeiture 3 months (.08 -.09)
39:4-50(a)(ii) Driving privilege forfeiture 7-12 months (.10+)
39:4-50.17(a) Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (Discretionary) 6-12 months
Bureau of Alcohol Countermeasures
39:4-50(b) Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation, & Enforcement Fund $100
39:4-50(f) Intoxicated Driver Resource Center per diem fees $75 per diem
Division of Motor Vehicles
39:3-10a Driver License Restoration Fee $100
17:29A-35.b(2) Merit Rating Plan Surcharge $3,000
17:29A-35.b(3) Merit Rating Plan point assessment $525-675
Other Consequences
17:29C-7 Cancellation of automobile insurance “of the named insured or of any other operator who either resides in the same household or customarily operates an automobile insured under the policy”
Insurance premium increases
Sentence enhancement on subsequent convictions of N.J.S.A 39:4-50, N.J.S.A 39:4-50.4, and N.J.S.A 39:3-40
27:5F-37 Disqualified as motorcycle safety instructor for five years
39:3-33.5 No particular mark or special organization plates for 10 years
39:3-33.5a No vanity plates ever
39:6A-4.5(b) No cause of action permitted for recovery of economic or non-economic loss sustained as a result of the accident
Additional Penalties if Within School Zone
39:4-50(g)(3) Fine $500-800
39:4-50(g)(3) Imprisonment 0-60 days
39:4-50(g)(3) Driving privilege forfeiture 1-2 years
Additional Penalty when Child is in Vehicle
39:4-50.15 Driving privilege forfeiture 0-6 months (additional)
39:4-50.15 Community service 0-5 days
Additional Penalty for Commercial Drivers
39:3-10.20 Forfeiture of commercial driving privilege if operating a commercial vehicle 1-3 year
39:3-10.20 Forfeiture of commercial driving privilege if operating a non-commercial vehicle 1 year